About us


The Russian Women's Club of Luxembourg was founded in 2011 as a sub-organisation of the already existed Russian Club of Luxembourg. It was meant to be a connecting point for the Russian speaking women coming from all the republics of the former Sowjet Union and staying in Luxembourg. At the beginning it consisted of not more than 15 members. Now, by the end of the year 2013 it counts more than 200 women. And it continues to grow!

What attract Russian women of Luxembourg to join our club?

Our aim is to unite and reunite Russian and Russian speaking women who live in Luxembourg and its near border areas.

Our club gives the opportunity to both strengthen the relationships with other Russian speaking women living in Luxembourg as well as to meet new people and make new contacts.

Some of the women want to keep the bonds with their origins, their mentality and culture as strong as they might use to be before they left their home country. It is the nostalgia and the desire to pass the treasure and the richness of their origin culture and language to their children which drive those women.

And some other might just want to explore and maybe rediscover their provenance. Those women might go through a time of a personal discomfort or even a personality crisis. Being originally Russian but might have lived for a very long time outside of their home country, they could be experiencing a sense of fear of losing their roots or maybe not knowing anymore who they are. These women might just have a wish to reconnect with the likeminded ones and with the culture.

The Russian Women's Club was established for all of these women.

The mutual respect for each other and the tolerance are the guiding principles in our organisation. We are not interested in the social provenance of our members or their skin color, their political or religious beliefs as well as sexual orientation. All these things are considered as private and respected as long as they not expressed aggressively among other members. No question, we have passionate discussions about everything that is happening in the world we live in, but we will never try to impose our own personal opinion on the others and it will not be tolerated in our group.

Our only condition to join us is being open to all of the beauty and joy that life and the world have to offer. Our motto comes from one of the poems of a Russian poet Marina Garber who also lives in Luxembourg. It says:” It is because of its diversity that the world is amazing”. It is the ability to be amazed every day by smaller or bigger things of life like music, theater, cinema, art, reading or good food. To be inspired, to learn every single day and to pass all of these experiences to the people we love and who love us. We also want to show the world that Russian women have an inexhaustible fount of talents and gifts to offer. Among us are poets, musicians, artist, decorators, singers, dancers and a lot more. Our endeavor is to support and to develop these skills and to share them among other members of the club.

To achieve this we organize different bigger or smaller events throughout the year. Family picnics in green parks, workshops and classes, new year celebrations, fashion events or poetry evenings, all this and a lot more give our members the opportunity to come and spend some joyful time together, whether with or without their families. Because our biggest drive and motivation is life itself with all its facets, diversities and surprises.